A Sales Coach Lifts You Up!
When CEOs consult me, they share their concerns about their salespeople. They are tired of hearing reps complaining about the leads they get from marketing. Tired of the travel perks. Moreover, tired of hearing of the excuses of not prospecting for fresh leads and new opportunities.  I understand their challenges since I was a COO/VP of Sales for many years. Here’s the good news!

All of these issues can be worked on by improving your sales performance! Think of a personal trainer. All the professional athletes have them. So why not you? Below are three reasons for hiring, and what you want to get from a sales coach.

  • Sales coaching will make you stretch goals: Get out of your comfort zone and stay out. A good coach, just like a good personal trainer, will get to you to practice and improve far better than you will on your own. A sales coach will have the right prescription to identify the problem and offer a solution.
  • You will learn and adopt new skills: We all pick up unproductive habits. If you were selling for years, maybe your ego will stand in your way of success. Face the facts: if you are not hitting your numbers, you are at risk. Moreover, your sales manager, your market, and the company owner may not understand your particular circumstances. In this economy, all markets become more competitive. Business Darwinism! You need to produce; it does not matter if you are 20 or if you are 80. In fact, business owners have a hard time justifying a high-income earner over the age of 50 against hiring two twenty something’s willing to do the work at less pay. The pressure to produce is on all of us over 40!
  • They Motivate: we humans are prone to ride the roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. Our roles in life affect our intrinsic value and self-worth. People benefit from a sales and leadership coaching because it provides direction, structure, and accountability. We do better with the help of others.

All sales situations have solutions if everyone has an open mind. Name any sport. All-star athletes who have talent and desire and wants to do better, hire coaches. A trainer has “vision” of ourselves to which we may be blind. They provide confidence, accountability, and the reach, for us, to achieve the next level. As I mentioned in a previous blog, Errors Mangers Make (but don’t have to) a manager who coaches is a real leader. There is no shame in asking for help to achieve one’s best. It is admirable to say, “I know I could do better if I just had someone to show me the way.”

What about You? Do you have access to a good sales coach?

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