Today I am sharing these few selling tips with you. However, just as I told one of my clients, do not use these tips as a substitute for taking a sales training class! My hope is you will find one or two sales tips you can use today in your daily activities to improve your productivity, lower your stress and even close more sales.  Here are my three sales tips:

  • Begin with your Goals and Inspect how you think: How to do you know where you are going if you are not sure where you are? Ever read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”? Many people think the author’s primary focus is on becoming wealthy. It is really about how you think. You become what you think most about. If you think you are a success, chances are those beliefs are true.

What does thinking have to do with selling? Everything. Your thoughts and your feelings are interrelated. Think, plan, set sales goals and build a daily program for yourself to achieve all the things you want in life. As an example, suppose you plan your daily activities around providing the best possible customer experience for your clients. By keeping your personal and professional goals clear in mind, it becomes easier to achieve these aims. Write them out and read them aloud once a day. Another exercise to bring your goals into your mind focus is to create a “vision board” by cutting out and pasting your dream photographs. Display your vision board in an area to see it several times a day. It will reinforce your goal achievement.

  • Have a selling system: Why have a selling system? Because if you do not, you will be part of someone else’s plan and they will not have your best interest at heart. Last month I wrote a blog on having Six Strategies to Meet and Exceed Your Sales Quota. In that blog I referenced the importance of having a sales system, attending a sales training program or, if you are self-motivated, go to the library and find available programs and create your own. Alternatively, find a sales coach. With any selling process, make sure your plan includes honesty, building trust with your prospects and take responsibility for the relationship.
  • How you buy is how you sell: Be careful with this one! A close friend and fellow salesman, Dan, decided to marry. So, he proposed to his live-in girlfriend of 4 years and announced his engagement to all of his friends. The date was set one year from the announcement! The following weekend he asked me to go with him to “look” for some wedding rings. After we visited six stores, examined 11 rings, I had enough. Eventually, eight months of shopping later, he purchased a ring, selected by his finance, and put down 10% on a $1200 diamond ring. Dan is a great guy – a little frugal, but a good man. However, it takes Dan almost forever to make a decision. When he does make a decision, it is usually an inexpensive purchase.

So, what kind of a salesperson do you think Dan is? Do you think Dan will ask a prospect for a quick buying decision? Will Dan have empathy for an indecisive prospect? Look at YOUR buying style. Are you overly empathetic to a prospect’s issues? Now to be clear, I am not suggesting you become a mean, demanding bully. What I am suggesting is once you addressed a prospect’s challenge with a solution, get to a yes or a no to continue. If it is a no; then move on.

How about you?

What is your buying style?

Do you see a connection between how you sell and how you buy?

Do you have any questions or comments? Leave them below. I promise to reply within 12 hours.