If you are hiring or soon to be hiring, consider a small change to your hiring process; by adding assessments pre-hire. There are dozens, if not hundreds of assessments on the market, so choosing the best one for your company may seem daunting.

But at the end of the day, it really boils down to 4 simple criteria.

#1: Consider the candidate’s experience. The predicted value has an assessment of “0” if people won’t complete it. Besides, the assessment process is a reflection of your organization’s recruitment brand. Make it challenging to apply? They will leave without a word. That is why we have created an assessment to be the most engaging, intuitive candidate friendly experience available.   The experience is short—less than 10 minutes for entry-level skill sets up to about 15 minutes for a professional assessment. Plus, make sure it is mobile optimized because over half of our assessments are completed on a mobile device. These two factors are why we boast an industry-leading completion rate of over 95%. Also, the experience is branded to your company, not ours making this a genuinely tailor-made solution.

#2: Easy access to your candidate reports.   Again, all the prediction in the world does not matter if hiring managers can’t quickly, easily glean value from the report. Our results have a simple 1 to 5 match score, each one comes with a custom interview guide, and all the information is provided in a simple infographic snapshot which can be opened for more detailed information. The result is a 4 page, interactive report that contains all the information previously delivered via 30 plus pages of dense text.

#3: Success (or failure) Prediction. The 30 years of experience in the vast amount of data that we have collected and combined with a scientific approach makes our assessments incredibly predictive of human potential and fit for over 800 specific roles.

#4: Our pricing model. We’re big believers set the best way to use an assessment is to use it on every candidate at the earliest point possible in the selection process. Whether you want a single evaluation or an annual license to meet the needs of your growing company, let me know. An unlimited use license makes it easier to budget and absorb changes in the candidate pool or hiring process. As business leaders, we are usually the last to know or caught unaware when an employee plans to leave. Turn-over and absenteeism in some industries can be mitigated by having a plan for your entire workforce.

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