How We Sell is Going Through the Next Evolution

Is Your Company Prepared? Whether your company is B2B or B2C, we cannot rely on the selling skills of the past. Companies are upgrading their websites, e-Commerce and their CRMs to improve engagement with buyers. Potential buyers are reportedly spending 70% of their time researching solutions before ever speaking to a salesperson. They potentially know more about your features and benefits than your sales teams. The power, in the [...]

How Are Your Listening Skills?

Do You Have Good Listening Skills? Marge came home from a tough day at the office. “Honey”, she called out to her husband Mark, “boy today was a bear. First, all of our 10,000-piece marketing brochure, due to be finished last week, showed up today with four typos. The VP was furious! He wants me to fly to Duluth next Monday to find a new company. Do we have [...]

Four Ways to Avoid Making Bad Hiring Decisions

After twenty years of instruction, CEOs and owners have shared with me one of the most frustrating issues they face:  How do I make objective evaluations of a candidate or my current employees? With rare exceptions, a CEO or owner has expressed these four hiring frustrations (maybe you have asked the same questions): “How can I minimize the cost of hiring the wrong person sometimes as high as $80,000”? [...]

Four Time Management Tips

May you BASk in the Light of Fulfillment Here’s a typical scenario; it is Friday. In two hours, you have a presentation to make to an audience you do not know. The boss just called for the latest sales projection for the quarter just as you begin to write your speech. Oh, you forgot. You volunteered to train a new salesperson on Monday. You look at your schedule and [...]

Five Communication Skills (that could help America)

Communication is a part of our everyday life. Whether you are a sales professional, a doctor or a lawyer (or any profession for that matter) it's best to have an above average communication skill level to understand others and be understood. This thought came to me yesterday; I was on the phone talking to my older sister. I love her dearly, but I noticed a rise in my blood pressure [...]

Excellent Sales Tips to Use Right Now

Today I am sharing these few selling tips with you. However, just as I told one of my clients, do not use these tips as a substitute for taking a sales training class! My hope is you will find one or two sales tips you can use today in your daily activities to improve your productivity, lower your stress and even close more sales.  Here are my three sales [...]