Post-Hire, Three Outcomes You’ll Receive From a Good Sales Coach

A Sales Coach Lifts You Up!When CEOs consult me, they share their concerns about their salespeople. They are tired of hearing reps complaining about the leads they get from marketing. Tired of the travel perks. Moreover, tired of hearing of the excuses of not prospecting for fresh leads and new opportunities.  I understand their challenges since I was a COO/VP of Sales for many years. Here’s the good news! All [...]

How are Your Cold Calls Working? Three Actions to Avoid

There are a lot of companies (and sales managers) who believe cold calling is the best way to prospect. Managers are able to witness, in real time, both the calls and record the activity. As a sales trainer who has taught cold calling, I have learned most salespeople dread the experience and have disastrous results. When I receive an unsolicited call, I often explain to the telemarketer their script [...]

Cancer? The questions we ask can get us in trouble

The other day, my friend Joe informed me he was just was diagnosed with prostate cancer. For those of you uninformed with this form of cancer, it can be treated successfully, if caught early. Joe is a healthy guy with no chronic issues. He just went to the bathroom, one day, and found he had trouble urinating. A week later, his PSA score was over 100 (a normal PSA is [...]

Why Understanding Behavioral Tendencies are the Keys to Sales Performance

What's in Your Head? Does each person on your sales team think and act the same? Most of us in sales believe in hard work, ethical treatment and act professionally. But do our unique personalities have an effect on our individual, team or client outcomes when we execute our selling process?  It's worth considering when looking into sales performance improvement. Without getting too complicated, Extended DISC identifies four distinct personalities that [...]

Ten Sales Motivational Quotes (To Pick Up Your Spirits)

Most of us possess an internal dialogue. Some of these internal “conversations” can be nurturing or critical. Those with positive messages have an upbeat attitude, have an optimistic outlook and stay motivated while selling. Others, unfortunately, hear negative  “you-are-no-good” messages. No matter which group we find ourselves in, we all could all use a little positive sales motivation. After all, as a professional salesperson, we did pick a profession [...]

Avoid High Costs of Your Hiring Mistakes

Here are three recent hiring conversations and interactions I had with business CEOs to reduce the high cost of bad hires. Three separate companies in three different industries but all three use the same failed hiring process. Place the ad, interview 3-5 candidates, find commonality with one and offer the position. As I mentioned in an earlier blog called, Bad Hires and Recruiting Challenges, this process will cost you money. [...]

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