How Will You Handle The Millions of Unemployed Applications Coming Your Way?

There’s an amazing number of unemployed Americans who just a few weeks ago were gainfully employed. We are seeing a few hopeful signs of falling COVID-19 cases and fatalities along with some Governors allowing some SMBs to reopen if they practice safe distancing, wearing masks, and gloves. It's our new normal and will be with us for a while. As companies reopen, rehiring workers will begin. That's good news! [...]

How Your Company Can Succeed With Candidate & Employee Assessments

Meet John Henry.[1] As he completes his 100th application (that’s not a typo) to yet another company in search for a job. His frustration bubbles up inside him. Reflecting on all the changes his resume coach suggested he make, he resigned to use Jobscan to get his resume “just right,” hoping to get past the company installed ATS. After all, with the US unemployment level now at a 50 [...]

Top 3 Ways To Assess Candidates Skills Before The Interview

According to new LinkedIn research, 69% of professionals believe that skills are more important than a college degree when looking for a job, and 76% wish there was a way for hiring managers to verify their skills so they could stand out amongst other candidates. Pre-hire assessments add an additional layer of intelligence to help solve the visibility problem in hiring. Using assessments, candidates can show off their skills, [...]

How To Improve The Candidate’s Experience In A Tight Talent Market

From a review of the comments on LinkedIn reveals a less than satisfactory experience from job applicants with today’s hiring process. If you are a job seeker, I am sure you agree. Engaging top candidates today isn’t easy. The fact is, the candidate market is entirely different from it was ten years ago. All of us (yes, you’re included) have incredibly high standards for our employees, and some of [...]

After the Pre-Hire, Why Does Sales Training Have Such a Bad Reputation?

A friend of my mother’s, Dorothy, worked at the local department store in the 1960’s. She was required to complete a seven-week training program. Only after she successfully passed the rigors of training was she allowed to speak to a customer, and then only under close supervision. Once assigned to a trainer, she was taught techniques to interact with clients, respond to their needs and was required to learn [...]

Why are my Sales Emails Not working?

If you are using words like cheap, guaranteed, free for a limited time, then you should not be surprised to see your emails are not working when a number of recipients do not opening your email, and quite possibly are hitting delete and opting-out.  Consider improving your sales message and stop sending salesy emails. A little history: according to various sources, the use of e-mail in business applications began [...]