Entrepreneurs Age Bias and Missed Opportunities

I work with many small and mid-sized companies as well as newly commercialized start-ups. These business neophytes have worked out their product/service model, can articulate their solution in a global world of need, have rigorously tested their MVP assumptions and have successfully sold product to their customer's delight. So, where’s the problem? Entrepreneurs trap themselves by having an age bias. They miss an opportunity to engage with an experienced [...]

Four Ways to Avoid Making Bad Hiring Decisions

After twenty years of instruction, CEOs and owners have shared with me one of the most frustrating issues they face:  How do I make objective evaluations of a candidate or my current employees? With rare exceptions, a CEO or owner has expressed these four hiring frustrations (maybe you have asked the same questions): “How can I minimize the cost of hiring the wrong person sometimes as high as $80,000”? [...]

Bad Hires and Recruiting Challenges

What Can Be Done About Them? One business owner made three bad hires in a 26-month period. The total cost of the exercise was over $210,000. This cost did not include the hidden cost of poor client relations, internal employee damage, or disruption created by these individuals. Why is it getting harder to hire good people?  According to JOLT, a sub-section of the Bureau of Labor statistics, which stands for Job [...]

Post-Hire, Three Outcomes You’ll Receive From a Good Sales Coach

A Sales Coach Lifts You Up!When CEOs consult me, they share their concerns about their salespeople. They are tired of hearing reps complaining about the leads they get from marketing. Tired of the travel perks. Moreover, tired of hearing of the excuses of not prospecting for fresh leads and new opportunities.  I understand their challenges since I was a COO/VP of Sales for many years. Here’s the good news! All [...]

Why Understanding Behavioral Tendencies are the Keys to Sales Performance

What's in Your Head? Does each person on your sales team think and act the same? Most of us in sales believe in hard work, ethical treatment and act professionally. But do our unique personalities have an effect on our individual, team or client outcomes when we execute our selling process?  It's worth considering when looking into sales performance improvement. Without getting too complicated, Extended DISC identifies four distinct personalities that [...]