What Beacon Can Do For You!

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Beacon4Life is a membership that you should join.  Here are just some of the many benefits that come with Beacon membership:

  • Access – Beacon offers access to executive decision makers through close contacts with business leaders from a broad spectrum of industries and functional areas.

  • Trusted Advice – Beacon is a source for trusted advice from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders to provide solutions for challenges, answers to questions, referrals to vendors, talent, and opportunities.

  • Subject Matter Experts – Beacon’s renowned CEO Summits and diverse programs bring together the thought leaders, experienced business leaders and successful entrepreneurs who share their understanding and candid insights on where business is heading, challenges we’ll be facing, lessons they have learned, and plans they have implemented to grow their businesses.

  • Association Network Hub – Beacon develops alliances with regional networking organizations and professional associations to connect members with other networking opportunities, leverage wider expertise, and introduce potential members to Beacon.

  • Career management and talent development – Beacon members offer referrals, employment opportunities, suggestions, introductions, and business leads and opportunities to one another as well as guidance when members are seeking access to talent to grow their enterprises. Our Career Center offers recruiters the opportunity to post jobs available of interest to Beacon members and to search resumes that members make available.

  • Building business connections and relationships – Before you can do business with someone, you want to meet them face-to-face, get to know them, and ultimately like and trust them.  Beacon’s platform has led to many successful business relationships that prove repeatedly to be mutually beneficial. It also provides visibility for members’ businesses with other members through roundtables, events, sponsorship, and select online platforms leading to exchanges and mutual support.

  • Friendships, Fulfillment and Fun – The Beacon culture of generous giving, mutual help and support, and regular opportunities for business and social networking leads to the development of long lasting friendships as well as go-to advisors. Members help each other, as well as emerging business leaders and entrepreneurs, through mentoring, sharing, coaching and providing encouragement.  Interactions lead to genuine enjoyment of each other’s company and collaborations in business, volunteerism – and just plain fun.