How To Get The Most Bang From Your Pre-Hire Assessments

What is
Extended DISC™?

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In 1928, Wiliam Moulton Marstan created the theory of DISC. The model was used to quantify distinct personality traits in four easy to remember quadrants.  However, Mr. Marstan never patented the DISC-model theory, so it remains in the public domain, but a few companies created their DISC proprietary assessments. The one I prefer is the Extended DISC™.

The DISC model divides people into four primary behavioral styles. Individuals are identified as either People-oriented or Task-oriented. They are further distinguished as Reserved or Active. The resulting behavioral styles are called: Dominant, Influencer, Stable, and Conscientious. Thus the name, D.I.S.C.

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One of the main reasons that DISC assessments are so widely used is that it is easy to understand and implement. For most participants, they quickly adapt to DISC and use it comfortably.

DISC is a self-assessment that measures how an individual prefers to interact with others. DISC creates a common language and self-awareness to better understand ourselves and others. The online DISC questionnaire takes only 10 minutes to complete. The assessment reports can be customized for all levels of the organization.

What makes Extended DISC different in its ability to measure the “hard-wired” DISC style. Results from this communication assessment show who the individual is and not just what the person thinks he/she wants to be. Therefore Extended DISC identifies the candidate’s real strengths and areas for development that allow for performance insight.

Some of the reports available to yourself or your team:

  • Customized reports
  • Provides results that are relevant and unique to the roles (e.g., Executives, Managers, Salespeople, Team members, Students, Athletes)
  • Provides assessments that are practical and specific to your industry
  • Flexibility to create Pair, Team, Department, Division, and even organizational assessments.

How can DISC be used in my organization?

Our clients use Extended DISC® with their employees to equip them with skills to modify their behavior to become more successful by:

  1. Understanding how people are different
  2. Developing confident self-awareness
  3. Learning to identify the styles of others
  4. Modifying behavior based on the other person’s style

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Why Use Pre and Post
Hire Assessments?


Many CEO s and business owners say, “My greatest assest are my employees.” Do their actions follow their words?

I have studied successful business for over 30 years. The common denominator for the “Best In Breed” within an industry is its employees. Study after study on motivation and productivity reveal when an employee is motivated, challenged, given direction, and the tools they need to succeed, they will.  This is true in both pre- and post-hires.

By truly understanding your candidates, your culture, and the underlying behaviors that drive employee success, you can expect to see an average workforce transformed into a high-growth, high-performance company.

The transformation begins by infusing behavioral data and predictive models into your talent strategy. OutMatch’s predictive talent and culture analytics fully equip you to make the best possible decisions about your people, from hiring and development to leadership and culture.

OutMatch delivers nearly 20 million scientifically-proven employment assessments each year at over 200,000 client locations worldwide. This unique data set provides a competitive edge in predicting candidate success on the job, empowering employees to reach their full potential, and strengthening alignment with your company’s unique CultureDNA™.

Some of the world’s most iconic brands count on OutMatch to accelerate company growth, increase employee performance, and enrich their customer experiences. The innovative OutMatch Platform, coupled with our team of world-class talent experts, makes OutMatch the partner of choice for large, people-focused organizations, including American Airlines, 7-Eleven, Brinker International, HCA Healthcare, and many others.

What are most companies, large and small looking for in this tight talent market? Hard skills are typically the “main attraction.” If so, you may be overlooking essential human attributes that will place your company at the top of your industry. Soft skills like creativity, collaboration, and adaptability are in high demand. Use OutMatch Assessment to measure the must-have soft skills your candidates and employees need to succeed.

A path for every person

Discovering your ideal career path – and helping others do the same – is life-changing. If someone isn’t the right fit for a job, OutMatch Assessment helps find the path they’re better suited to succeed.

The data that keeps on giving

Use OutMatch Assessment to fuel interviewing, onboarding, and even your post-hire experiences. Once taken, the assessment arms hiring teams, L&D, and employees with unique insights to up their game.

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