Business Coaching

Your company may have different needs at different times

As a consultant, trainer, and coach, I work to solve your most pressing problems. Clients ask me to work on operations, or with their sales and marketing team. This can be on an individual basis or collectively to recommend improvements. Clients for sales leadership typically see a 30% – 100% increase in revenue.

Individual Life Coaching

Skills training to empower you to achieve your goals

Let’s face it, we all endure hardships and challenges in life. Sometimes it helps to have a trusted advisor to speak with openly and honestly with a non-judgemental approach.

Team Leadership

Your team may be feeling a bit lost these days

To get the best results, you need to take actionable steps. Where to begin is not often easy but with the right person by your side, together, we’ll find your way.

Sales Recruiting

Recruiting can be a scary word in today's marketplace

Learn and create a new and improved process that includes; interviewing, hiring, and assessments during the early stages of on-boarding. Even if you have a talented staff member who may be struggling, an assessment can help show you why.

My Blogs are Filled with a Wealth of Great Information

Harley Consulting has tons of great information for a variety of business issues. This allows our prospects and customers to quickly learn what might be getting in their way of success. But that’s not all, when you work with me you’ll get the attention to detail that you’ve been looking for!

  • Business and Life Coaching for Long Term Success

  • Consultation Services

  • Marketing Strategies for Any Tactic

  • Hiring Strategies for Long Term Success

  • Networking Skills

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What Else Can I Do For You?

If your business is purely transaction based (think online eCommerce) look into your customer service, product, delivery and pricing.

If selling is more complex with a long sales cycle requiring solutions and consultative based focus, find the commonality of each person’s selling process and then the linkages between each step. Do they have a process? Do they complete each step before moving on to the next step?

If your sales operation has migrated to a CRM and an inbound marketing methodology and sales are not above a 30% increase over last year, then look into adoption and usage. This is key: Are they using the software? Over 60% of the SMBs I work with have poor adoption rates. However, if they ARE using the software and sales are less then a 30% increase, then look to see if they are using a traditional selling process. An inbound selling process is not the same as a traditional sales process. Maybe they are scaring away the leads?

Whatever the sales problem there is always a solution

My Mission is to uncover business equity with my customers, enhance employee skills and apply those skills to solve current business challenges

My Philosophy is that business growth requires equal part art and science. Enlightened leaders devote themselves to this narrow margin in between art and science

My promise is to partner with my customers when they want to change, avail myself to their unmet goals and address their unique challenges that stand in the way of growth