How To Get The Most Bang From Your Pre-Hire Assessments

Thirty Years of Experience

Hiring Assessment with OutMatch and Extended Disc can improve your staff’s performance!

Client's Who Trust Our Methodology

Our clients are some of the most recognizable names in transportation, healthcare, retail, finance, and in the hospitality industry – companies like American Airlines, HCA, AutoZone, Traveller’s Insurance and Chili’s restaurant.

Results Are Impressive

A longtime customer, Chili’s, partnered with OutMatch to improve their quality of hire. Using actual employee performance provided by Chili’s, new hires who scored a Strong match or above sold on average $850 more than individuals who scored average. Using this data Chili’s was able to create hiring best practices that resulted in Topline revenue improvement of $13.5 million.

harley-consulting hiring an employee

Harley Consulting has what you need to help you stop hiring bad and costly employees. Assessments is the first step! Contact me for more information about assessments BEFORE you bring on one more team member who might not work out.

  • Drive speed and engagement in hiring

  • Get fully staffed faster

  • Keep talent longer

  • Never lose a good candidate again

  • Create a high performance culture

  • Position leaders to achieve business goals

  • Understand a Cultured DNA™

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