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Top 5 Resources for Hiring Great Employees

The Top 5 Resources for Hiring Great Employees

Have you found positions in your company difficult to fill with the right candidate? Learn to hire qualified employees that stick around and adds value to your organization!

Hiring Assessments & One-on-One Consulting

What can you expect?

During your session(s) I will go over the results of your employee’s assessment. We’ll discuss the best way to determine if they are a good fit for the position considered. You’ll also learn best hiring practices and when you choose the right candidate I can be there to coach and teach exceptional time management techniques. Dealing with team members who work remotely? We’ll cover that too.

What Does 30 Years of Experience Mean For You?

Working with me means you enjoy my experience in training, coaching, counseling, and mentoring business owners, CEOs, and as well, individual sales personnel who are motivated to do better.

I know how to combine my years of leadership with several tools to select and develop employees. I also found which tools work well for owners, members of the C-Suite, and private equity investors who require an objective review of their company’s personnel, direction, strategy.

Many CEO clients benefit from this opportunity to PIVOT from their current slow/no growth to an exceptional personal and professional performance outcome.

Thirty Years of Experience

Assessment Tools with OutMatch and Extended Disc can improve your staff’s performance!

Client's Who Trust Our Methodology

Our clients are some of the most recognizable names in transportation, healthcare, retail, finance, and in the hospitality industry – companies like American Airlines, HCA, AutoZone, Traveller’s Insurance and Chili’s restaurant.

Results Are Impressive

A longtime customer, Chili’s, partnered with OutMatch to improve their quality of hire. Using actual employee performance provided by Chili’s, new hires who scored a Strong match or above sold on average $850 more than individuals who scored average. Using this data Chili’s was able to create hiring best practices that resulted in Topline revenue improvement of $13.5 million.

Work from home

Harley Consulting provides a variety of expertise depending upon the challenges currently facing the business owner, CEO, manager, and employees. He is committed to helping small to medium sized businesses grow and maintain efficiencies while leading employees to outperform! Contact Will for more information about how he can help; coach, train, and educate your staff.

Key target areas include:

  • The Sales Team: a new process, individual & team coaching, ways to improve communication skills, actionable listening

  • Management: best practices, communication skills

  • Time management skills from a home office

  • The selling process old and new

  • Online networking, utilizing the tools available

  • Managing the work from home balance routines

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